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A B O U T   R O C H I I

Rochii is a hip-hop/alternative rock duo formed by rapper Codie Rogers and guitarist Caleb Childress.

At 16 years old, Rogers began his solo career as a rapper by performing songs for his youth group, as well as at  camps. His lyrical style consists of fast flowing, metaphorical storytelling that emphasizes the common issues in the youth of today's generation. Childress started playing guitar at the age of 12. He uses many different elements from various styles of music to create his own unique sound. All from jazz or blues to rock and roll.

The duo started collaborating in January of 2018, and soon started performing together for shows at their church. One year later, they released an EP and now perform engaging live shows in churches and festivals in their home state of Virginia and abroad. Their fusion of trap style beats, alternative rock, and rap creates a very unique sound that balances the lyric of faith and life with a collision of energy and passion.

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