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We believe that we were made for now. Just like you were made for now. We’re all here together, living in this divine moment to inspire and help each other thrive. Music is a catalyst for that beauty to happen. It has the potential to be a great unifier and lead creation to the Creator. We’re going to do everything with every breath that we have to move that mission forward.  


We are a band of 3 with front man Codie Rogers as rapper, Caleb Childress as guitarist and Isaac Childress as drummer for live shows. We've been around since 2017, with home base in Virginia Beach, VA.  ROCHII (pronounced ROW-SHEE) is our band's name. It's inspired by the combination of our two last names:  ROgers and CHIldress. Toss in a second i, and you’ve got a Roman numeral II to rep the two brothers. All three of us are Gen-Z with the passion to create relevant music and redeeming moments for this generation. 

Our style has been compared to Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park, but we love to mix up the beats and genres to create something new and fresh for our fans. We fuse together lyrical bars with fast rap and rock to share real life relatable stories of struggle, relationship, and tangible grace. 

Our music is streaming across all platforms and God has opened doors for live shows at camps, churches, conferences and festivals in states nationwide. We've shared the stage with Tauren Wells, Colton DixonAaron ColeDisciple and Legin, among others.

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